New Machinery


Checkmate is proud to be associated with Kohlbacher Sawshop Equipment.

This range of Sawshop Machinery has been widely represented in Europe over the last 12 years and Kohlbacher has been spreading its profile into the U.S and Canada over the last 5 years.

Kohlbacher have been expanding their Manufacturing Facility over the last 12 months with a goal to increase production by 60% to help to improve delivery times due to the huge demand in the market for the Kohlbacher Sawshop Range.

Kohlbacher have also recently released the new and exciting Bandsaw Benching Station The Hammerhead" and we are already seeing strong enquiries for this innovative design which will be a massive assett to any Sawshop.



The Shark 3000 Bandsaw Profiler



 Shark 3000 01

The Shark 3000 Bandsaw Profiler is a full flood CNC programmable machine that can take saws from 5.5m long to 14 m long.

The saw blade carriage has electrical central height adjustment.

Grinding wheel is direct driven which eliminates vibrations and empowers deep pass material removal if required.

The fully programable PLC drive allows for for up 999 tooth profiles and is capable of Variable Tooth Programming (up to 10 different pitches and heights can be achieved).

The Shark 3000 is avaiable in both emulsified coollant or full oil coolant with a mirco filtration system and CBN options that compliment the oil system operations.

 Stingray Stellite Tipper  

The Stingray Stellite Tipper is a Plasma Tipper with Rexroth PLC programming.

This is a fully Automtic Stellite Tipper that is Plasma welding the Stellite into the tooth mould.

It has options of either Gas or  Induction Annealing.

It can be adapted for tipping Frame Saws as well as Circular Saws.

Can take saws from 5.5m to 14 m long


Baracuda 750 Bandsaw Side Grinder




 Baracuda 750 pic




 The Baracuda Side Grinder is an innovative new design with a very practical loading system within it. It is very user friendly and the unit is CNC Controlled.

The Grinding heads are guided by the pre loaded ball rail systems to assure optimum accuracy.

Grinding heads are direct driven and has an active Blade Clamping system when in operation.

Can take saws from 5.5m to 14 m long.



Hammerhead Bandsaw Benching Station 
 Hammerhead Ilustration

The new compliment to the Kohlbacher Range is the Hammerhard 3000.

This has some exciting new features with the "Double Head" system which the Tensioning and Levelling work 100% independent of each other.

The Auto Traacking System lines the blade Automatically

The Feed system has two independant feeder rolls

Tungsten Carbide Tensioning Rollers for longer life and specialised hardened leveling rolls.

Includes a new safety feature the the Optical Curtain to protect the entire work area.


 Willaims & White GDX Guide Milling Machine



 GDX Guide Miller





 Introducing the fully automated 3 Axis CNC GDX Guide Dresser.

Accurate saw performance of your saw mill by increasing lumber recovery and reducing saw deviation, resulting in higher profits.

3 axis CNC control acuracy within 0.0002"

10" touch screen with custom W & W software

Multi indexible insert cutter heads

 Williams & White Bandsaw Guide Dresser












This robust and specificaly engineered machine offers accuracy and repeatability for your bandsaw guide needs.

Heavy duty steel frame construction that is built to last

63mm - 5 insert mill face cutter for a precise and smooth surface finish

Variable speed feed rate; 6" - 50" per min to dial in your surface finish needs

Gear motor on feed axis with timing belt drive for a smooth and firm carriage travel.

Safety cover and 2 button start for safe cycle operation

Small footprint to fit anywhere in your Sawshop

Fully enclosed cutting area with extraction port hole to allow for effective dust extraction.