Circular Saws

Checkmate both Manufacture Circualr Saws and we also represent number of World Class Saw Suppliers to meet specific market needs. 

  • Peerless Saw Plate - USA



  • Lemp Plate - Europe



  • Tri Gold - Hong Kong

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  • Gopol - Poland


Our Manufacturing Capabilities allow us to custom build a specific saw to match certain speciailised needs for the wide industries we service and support.

Wiper Slot Blades
Developed for modern Multi-edging and double arbour machines. High feed rates and deep cutting is possible with tungsten tipped wipper slots. These reduce friction and overheating, resulting in less downtime and burned out blades

Spline Arbour (Mill Specials)
We manufacture a wide range of spline arbour blades to suit your machines Ari-Kockums-Southern Cross-Surman-Ukia etc. Edger blades from 14" to 48" any bore size. Superior chip-free finish. Laminates, perspex, veneered materials, cabinet-making etc. Available in negative or positive rake. Slad deck Saws, Inserted tooth Saws up to 9 feet O.D., Chipper canter Saws, Portable mill saws with inserted teeth or brazed tungsten and Stellite® tips.

Type ZPL
Aluminium and other non-ferrous materials. Recommended for light section aluminium joinery. Fine, burr free finish. Material should be clamped. Available in postive or negative rake.

 Type R
A fast cutting rip saw, hard or soft wood – single or multi ripping applications – We can supply them in thin kerf or to specified needs.




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